Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment

Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment


(All terms and guidelines subject to change without notice. Please request current information when contacting the studio.)


Whips for your Class

If you own a whip already it must be approved by the instructor before use.

If you do NOT own a whip, you will have the opportunity to try many different types at your first individual lesson and the instructor will help you choose a whip that is right for you and what you want to learn. Generally a starter whip can range from $140 through $800, depending on the type, materials, and style. A continuing student is required to have his or her own equipment by the third lesson. Any continuing lessons are counter-productive if the student is unable to practice. Imagine taking piano lessons but having no piano at home to practice on?

Safety Equipment

 Long-sleeved shirt and pants, closed-toed shoes, a wide-brimmed hat or hooded sweatshirt and safety glasses / goggles. You WILL  hit yourself with some part of the whip at some time as you learn. It’s just part of the routine.

Bring a video camera.

If you’d like to record your session for study during your practices, bring a video camera with a tripod or stand, or bring along someone to do it for you. This can help you go over something you’re having trouble with between lessons and make your paid lesson time more productive. Note: The video cannot be used commercially, posted online in part or in its entirety, and may not be distributed it in any fashion. There is a usage agreement to sign.

Reservations & Payment

All sessions at The Whip Artistry Studio require reservations and are scheduled according to instructor and student availability. A deposit is required to hold your reservation with balance payment due at the time of the lesson. Classes of more than two hours or scheduled at an off-site location may require a deposit up to 50-percent. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. (A 5-percent convenience and processing fee is added to all credit card transactions.)

On-site or “at your location” classes.

The majority of our work is done at our studio located in Jamestown, Ohio, USA, a small rural community located mid-section to the triangle between Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. We’re a 90-minute flight from major cities like New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Atlanta. Sometimes, however, it’s easier and more economical to have our instructors come to your location, as well as film shoots, theatre projects and group sessions.

To schedule a class for your location, we will need the specs of your facility including ceiling height and complete dimensions, not just square footage, the number of students and their ages. If you’re planning an outdoor session, make sure there is an appropriate indoor alternative in case of bad weather.

Pricing information varies and would include travel and equipment expenses. Please call for a quote. 937-902-4857

Anonymous, sorry can’t do it.

The Whip Artistry Studio is a professional  training center. We carry insurance, keep income records, and a detailed log of lesson progress and information on the student including a full name and contact information. All students are required to present photo identification (state-issued) and no one under the age of 18 can participate in any of our activities without the written consent and physical presence of their legal guardian. Often people want us to use their ‘screen name’ or a nickname on their registration papers, but that’s just not possible. So please bring your state-issued ID with you.

For the Press  …

We understand that whip artistry makes for a great story, photo shoot or video opportunity. All media inquiries should be directed to our public information representatives at GLD Enterprises Communications. Just email You’ll need to provide your media information, credentials and purpose for the inquiry.

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