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  • Selling off some of our collection – beginning with …

    We are selling off some of our whip collection beginning with a piece from our museum.

    This is an 8-foot, 12-plait, kangaroo snake whip from 1990. Very heavy and in great condition. It has been in our museum since 2002 and has been well cared for, cleaned and cracked to keep it in good shape. The former owner didn’t use it much so it’s still very stiff.

    The video below gives you a good look at it!

    If you’re interested please call 937-902-4857 or email We are asking $200 plus shipping. Thanks!

  • 2022 American Western Arts Showcase at Annie Oakley Festival

    American Western Arts Showcase at Annie Oakley Festival

    Darke County Fairground, Greenville, Ohio

    Greenville, OH – Entrepreneur and professional whip artist Gery L. Deer and thrown weapons expert, Kirk Bass, of Xenia, will lead a full troupe of Wild West arts experts during the 2022 American Western Arts Showcase at the Annie Oakley Festival, on July 29 and 30 at the Darke County Fairground in Greenville, Ohio. The event is free and open to the public.

    Presented in the spirit of the stage-style Wild West shows of the late 19th Century, each production will include some detailed history of how these arts came to be and who still practices them today. In addition to performing, Gery Deer is also the show’s producer and chief backer.

    “This is a one-of-a-kind show in this region,” Deer says. “We have some of the best Wild West arts entertainment anywhere in the Midwest with real practitioners of each skill,” says Deer, who started the event in Jamestown, Ohio, in 2002. “These are talented performers with genuine ability, no fakery, no tricks. Everything you see in our show is real and all of our shows are in 3-D and high definition!”

    Champion knife thrower Kirk Bass, of Xenia, Ohio, is co-producer of the event. He and his daring wife Melodee are among the performers to take the open-air stage for a series of western arts perform the suspenseful Bass Blades impalement show, and much more.

    Whip marksmanship competitions headline the afternoon show beginning with the Whip Speed and Accuracy Exhibition Competition, the world’s first Bullwhip Fast Draw contest. Plus, there is a brand new contest taken straight from the big screen.


    In the spirit of Dr. Jones’ proficiency, this year’s Showcase competition will include a special “blind fast draw,” where whip artists must mimic the move used in the film to turn, draw their holstered whip and shoot at a target with speed and accuracy. In 1981, a fedora-wearing, leather-clad archaeologist threw the crack heard round the world when he “whipped” a pistol from the hand of a jungle guide. At the beginning of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Indiana Jones demonstrated his skills with the holstered fast-draw of a 10-foot bullwhip, all while having to spin around to take aim first.

    “With the popularity of Indiana Jones among western performers, particularly whip artists, it’s odd this hasn’t been done before,” says Deer, who holds multiple, national whip speed and accuracy titles and is the director of The Whip Artistry Studio, the only permanent whip training facility in America.

    The event is sponsored by GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd.The Whip Artistry Studio and the Annie Oakley Festival Committee. All performances are family-friendly and presented on the grounds of the Annie Oakley Festival. For links to the festival and sneak previews of the performers plus more information go online to

    Production video from a few years ago showing some of the events

    Whip cracking, trick roping, knife throwing exhibitions going on throughout the day as well as educational sessions to learn about the Wild West Arts and how these performers are working to keep them alive today.



    • Space opens at 10 AM.
    • Informal workshops, practice, and demonstrations throughout the day.

    1:oo PM American Western Arts Showcase Performance

    • Bass Blades Knife Impalement Show
    • Gery L. Deer – The Whip Artistry Studio Show
    • Special Guests and More!

    4 PM American Western Arts Showcase Performance

    • Bass Blades Knife Impalement Show
    • Gery L. Deer  – The Whip Artistry Studio Show
    • Special Guests and More!


    • Space opens at 10 AM.
    • Informal workshops, practice, and demonstrations throughout the day.
    • Contest Practice

    12:00 PM American Western Arts Showcase – Whip Marksmanship ContestsWhip Speed & Accuracy Exhibition Contests

    • Speed & Accuracy
    • Speed Switch
    • The World’s FIRST Bullwhip Fast Draw competition – Started in 2000, we’ve been the lead on bullwhip fast draw since!
    • PLUS! The Indiana Jones-styled turning fast draw contest, just like you see in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Contestants will use an 8-foot or longer bullwhip to face off against each other in an effort to recreate the dramatic first crack by Indiana Jones.

    1:30 PM American Western Arts Showcase Matinee Performance

    • Bass Blades Knife Impalement Show
    • Gery L. Deer  – The Whip Artistry Studio Show
    • Special Guests and More!

    4 PM American Western Arts Showcase Performance

    • Bass Blades Knife Impalement Show
    • Gery L. Deer  – The Whip Artistry Studio Show
    • Special Guests and More!

    Exhibitions and practice sessions are open to public audiences throughout the afternoon.

    Sunday: From 12 Noon until 3:30 PM Gery Deer Indiana Jones-Styled Bullwhip Shows

    Showcase producer Gery Deer will perform solo doing some Indiana Jones-style shows, talking about how the arts practices by Annie Oakley and her contemporaries were so important to the film industry!

  • Mark your calendars – 2016 Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase!

    GREENVILLE, OH –  The Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase events will be two days this year, Friday July 29 and Saturday, July 30, 2016. All events begin at noon on Friday with open workshops and impromptu demonstrations and a full performance tentatively set for 6PM! On Saturday, everything starts at 1 p.m. with the Whip Contest Exhibition, which will include speed and accuracy, bullwhip fast draw and a style contest.

    Contests will be followed by a matinee performance featuring whip artist Gery L. Deer, the knife throwing skills of Bass Blades and more. The Grand Wild West Showcase will be hosted by The Brothers & Co. Entertainers music and variety show.

    And the best part? This year’s Annie Oakley Event is FREE admission!

    Check out WDTN-TV2’s Katie Kenney with Gery Deer on “Living Dayton” …

    For full details visit
    Two great videos highlighting the event – provided by Rich Hoffman …

    “Last year breathed new life into this long-running event,” Deer says. “Our goal is to provide a featured event for Saturday that will help draw more people on what is typically the busiest day of the festival.” For more information or to participate in the whip contests, contact the production office of GLD Enterprises at (937) 902-4857 or email,

    For more information on the festival, visit

  • The whip and television …

    For many years, variety entertainment has included some kind of bullwhip performer. From the days of Lash LaRue traveling the country to promote his movies to modern whip artists performing on daytime talk shows, the media has forever been tied to whip artistry.

    The Whip Artistry Studio director, Gery Deer, has performed on dozens of shows over the years. Here are a few segments from his 2008 performance on The Bonnie Hunt Show … in two parts.

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