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  • 20th Annual American Western Arts Showcase at Annie Oakley Festival Commemorative T-Shirt


    It’s our 20th Anniversary American Western Arts Showcase at this year’s Annie Oakley Festival at the Darke County Fairground in Greenville, Ohio and we’re commemorating with a first-time, limited edition t-shirt! Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind shirt, inspired by the original Wild West Arts Club event shirts of the past. Our event has changed names a few times, but it’s always been a place to highlight the best in Wild West Performing Arts – Whip Handling, Knife-Tomahawk Throwing, and Trick / Fancy Roping!

    Over the last 20 years, we’ve attracted more than 500 participants and entertained thousands of spectators. Don’t miss this year’s event, July 28-29, 2023, and get your commemorative shirt, ONLY available by special order! The shirt was designed by the talented graphic artist, Taylor Huggins, owner of Sage & Oak Designers and Gery Deer of GLD Communications.


    Once we make them, there won’t be any reprints.

    This is the 2005 Ohio Regional Wild West Arts Club contingent, now known as the American Western Arts Showcase.

    Above is what the shirt will look like, except it will be bright red, not maroon. The graphic is as shown, front and back. We are taking orders ONLY for a limited time through our production shop, so you have to call and place your order through them. You can order as many as you like, pay on the phone, and get shipping as well.

    Sorry, we don’t have an online order capability for this project. TAKING ORDERS ONLY UNTIL 12 NOON ON MONDAY, JULY 17TH! And they will NOT be available at the event, you must pre-order.

    If you’re coming to the event, you can ask them to have Gery Deer bring your order there for pickup.

    TO ORDER: Call Trophy Sports Center at 937-376-2311, 10 AM – 5 PM, M-F. They are CLOSED Saturday and Sunday. Tell them you want the American Western Arts Showcase 20th T-Shirt.

    Once again, we are only doing ONE run of these shirts. Get your order in now!

  • Studio director, Gery Deer, thrills at Carnegie Music Hall during Indy event

    On Friday June 10, The Whip Artistry Studio director, Gery Deer, performed at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh as part of the “Indiana Jones After Dark at the Museum” for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The hour-long show included targeting, interactive segments and a surprise opening with Gery on the piano performing a comedic “Chopsticks” which rolled into the theme to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” on the hall’s Steinway grand.
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  • Mark your calendars – 2016 Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase!

    GREENVILLE, OH –  The Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase events will be two days this year, Friday July 29 and Saturday, July 30, 2016. All events begin at noon on Friday with open workshops and impromptu demonstrations and a full performance tentatively set for 6PM! On Saturday, everything starts at 1 p.m. with the Whip Contest Exhibition, which will include speed and accuracy, bullwhip fast draw and a style contest.

    Contests will be followed by a matinee performance featuring whip artist Gery L. Deer, the knife throwing skills of Bass Blades and more. The Grand Wild West Showcase will be hosted by The Brothers & Co. Entertainers music and variety show.

    And the best part? This year’s Annie Oakley Event is FREE admission!

    Check out WDTN-TV2’s Katie Kenney with Gery Deer on “Living Dayton” …

    For full details visit
    Two great videos highlighting the event – provided by Rich Hoffman …

    “Last year breathed new life into this long-running event,” Deer says. “Our goal is to provide a featured event for Saturday that will help draw more people on what is typically the busiest day of the festival.” For more information or to participate in the whip contests, contact the production office of GLD Enterprises at (937) 902-4857 or email,

    For more information on the festival, visit

  • Tripple candle snuff explained

    The Whip Artistry Studio: April 15, 2014 – While candle snuffing might seem cliche to many whip artists, studio director, Gery L. Deer, has made it into an art form. His multi-candle snuffs may not be noticed by Guinness Book, but they take skill and practice.

    “The first time I did what we call the ‘candle whippers ™’ routine on national television, I was inundated with questions about which popper I used, or how to glue the candle to the holder, or some other nonsense,” Deer remembers. “The simple fact is, there is no trick to candle snuffing. Anyone can scoop the flame off by splashing the popper into the wax, but to gently snuff the candle out with the wind of the crack takes far more time and patience to learn.”

    In the video shown on this page, Gery is being filmed by videographer Rich Hoffman in a continues, one-shot. Rich is sitting just beyond the stool on which the triple candle setup is arranged.

    Gery set up three, ordinary candles in a triangle configuration, about 4 inches apart from each other. The two votive candles are left over from a world-record attempt by Gery’s friend Robert Dante at the 2013 Annie Oakley Western Arts Showcase.  One of them is sitting on a tin root beer mug and the other flat on the mat that’s covering the top of the wooden stool on which the candles are resting. The third candle is a stick-type, utility candle sitting in a cheap, sterling silver holder.

    Arranged in a triangle, shortest to tallest, the candles are not secured to the surface or holder in any way. The goal was to snuff each candle, one at a time, smoothly, and carefully, regardless of their position or height.

    “It doesn’t matter what kind of popper or whip you use for candle snuffing,” Gery says. “Your level of skill is what matters and how much time you’re willing to put in on it. You also have to keep in mind that the whip should never touch the wax or wick of the candle. Only moving air is necessary to achieve the proper results.”

    The whip being used here is a 6-foot, Indiana Jones style, natural tan (turned brown with age) bullwhip made by Joe Strain around 2001. It’s a rough and rugged piece of equipment and Gery’s favorite whip. It’s his “go to” for just about everything. There’s nothing special about the whip at all. It’s got about a 24-inch fall on it (white hide) and about a 5-inch popper made of upholstery nylon.

    Whip candle snuffing was first done on film in the 1920s by actor Douglas Fairbanks. In “Don Q: Son of Zorro,” Fairbanks snuffed a single flame from a candle held by a bystander. In 1998, Anthony Hopkins appeared to leisurely snuff out candles on a candelabra with a relaxed, practiced hand. Unlike Fairbanks, however, Hopkins’ candles were tricked out by the prop masters with air tubes so all he had to do with crack the whip and the prop guys did the rest, off camera. For this demonstration, the video is unedited and there were students, professionals and bystanders at the studio watching as it was shot.


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