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  • Performance Tips: Presentation

    It’s all in the presentation

    Whip artists … when you want to be able to perform in many different venues, be sure not to pigeon-hole your costuming and presentation. Learn about different performance styles and venues. Here’s a photo of Gery working at a fundraising gala for Ronald McDonald House Charities. A tux and snazzy white whip make the evening more formal and memorable.

    (c) 2012 GLD Enterprises / The Whip Artistry Studio

    Too often, the costuming and style of some whip artists consists only of an Indy Jones hat or cowboy outfit without a thought to the wide array of venues for which a polished whip performance is the perfect addition. Branch out – look for other performing options.

    Conversely, nothing can shroud a bad performance. Learn your show very well before you ever start taking stage work. You can’t undo a bad first impression. Once you’ve done a stinker on stage, the word will spread and your career could be over before it begins.

    One of our favorite performers at TWAS is Chris “the Whip Guy” Camp. His shows are western themed, fun and entertaining, largely do to his practiced whip skill making what he does look easy and relaxed to audiences. When you know the show and your skill like it’s second nature, it allows you time to focus on the most important part of your performance – the audience.

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