Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment

Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment



UPCOMING EVENT! 20th Annual American Western Arts Showcase at Annie Oakley Festival July 28-30, 2023


Established in 1998, The Whip Artistry Studio is the only permanent facility in the U.S. dedicated to the non-combative study of whip artistry for sport and performance art.

It is a full-time, professional, whip artistry school providing lessons, educational support, outreach, and entertainment. We provide whip coaching for individual hobbyists, professional performers, and sport whip handlers. While we do work with martial arts professionals and training facilities, we are a non-combative school. Students can take the whip training to their martial arts masters and go from there.

Coming June 30, 2023! And we’ll be ready! Watch for information on The Whip Artistry Studio Indy 5 Premier Party!

Why The Whip Artistry Studio?


Because precision whip handling IS our business. It’s what we do, 24/7. We don’t do martial arts, sword fighting or cosplay. We are whip experts, from basic and beginner classes to advanced performance and sport handling, our focus is on the professional instruction of the whip.

Personalized and Group Sessions Specializing in …

  • Beginning Basics
  • Whip Selection
  • Advanced Target Work
  • Precision Handling
  • Show Development & Staging
  • The Business of Whip Artistry
  • Care and Maintenance

Check out the Feb 16, 2016, story about our studio in The Dayton City Paper …

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Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.31.41 PM

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