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  • Bandares / Berry Screen-Used Whip Featured On Local TV

    LD_GLD_ZORROMoraine, OHThe Whip Artistry Studio director, Gery L. Deer, appeared on the February 18th edition of WDTN-TV2’s Living Dayton program to talk about film and television collectibles. Deer, who is also creative director of GLD Enterprises, a media relations and commercial writing agency, is a regular business contributor on the program.

    The segment featured a series of Star Trek and related collectibles and costumes and the only bullwhip in existence to have been used by both Antonio Bandares (The Mask of Zorro) and Halle Berry (Catwoman). Previously owned by legendary stuntman Alex Green, the whip was made by David Morgan and dyed black for a single shot in Zorro then kept by Bandares for a period of time. It was returned to Green a few years later, with Deer taking possession of the whip just after Green used it to train Halle Berry for her Catwoman role.

    The whip is a 12-plait, 6-ft, Australian style bullwhip with an 8-inch handle and double belly. It was originally made in brown but dyed for the Zorro film shortly before shooting in Mexico City in 1997. Since coming to the collection of The Whip Artistry Studio Museum, it has appeared on screen several more times used by comedian Steve Harvey, talk show host and actress, Bonnie Hunt and several others.

    Watch the clip from the WDTN website …

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