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  • January is National Whip Artistry Month!

    gdstu305_smallIf you enjoy extreme sports, how’s Mach 1 strike you? 

    January is National Whip Artistry Month!

    For those who are looking to take up Whip Artistry / Whip Cracking or even if you’ve been handling a whip for a long time, this is a great time of year to look into new whip-related activities like conventions, contests, lessons and more!

    The Whip Artistry Studio is offering some great educational session for the month including special pricing on Beginner Basics Coaching, Couples Whip Lessons, Whip Arts for Stage, Designing Your Show and Proper Care & Feeding of Your Whip! Here are more detail!

    Beginner Basics Coaching – Whip Artistry 101
    This is our most popular session. We take you through some of the history of the whip and get your hands on many different styles and types from basic, American cowhides to professional Australian styles. This is a basics session but can be adjusted to your skill and goal level. Classes start at $75.
    Couples Whip Lessons
    One of our most popular activities, Couples sessions include 90 minutes of bullwhip coaching for you and your significant other! Learn the basics or pick up some new tricks. It’s a fun activity to do together and share something unique! Available for the special price of $150 through February 28, 2013. Call or email for reservations.

    Whip Arts for Stage
    Are you a performer? Whip Arts for Stage offers the stage performer the opportunity to learn the whip or learn to seamlessly blend it into an existing show. Ideal for Ren Fair or Sideshow performers, stage comedians, actors and stunt performers, mounted trick riders and more! Pricing starts at $75 per hour. Offered Year-Around.

    Proper Care and Feeding of Your Whip.
    A quality bullwhip or stockwhip is an investment. Averaging anywhere from $400 to $1,500, a well-made kangaroo whip can last a lifetime if properly maintained. The same goes for nylon and cowhide designs. In this session, you can learn some of the best ways to maintain your whip through proper conditioning, preventative care, how to change popper and falls, and how to choose the best tools and products for your needs. Sessions start at $95 per hour. Offered January – March and October – December.

    All sessions are available at your location anywhere in the continental United States, Canada and Mexico at additional cost plus travel fees. Call us, 9am-4pm M-Fr EST, or email today to make a reservation – (937) 902-4857 or

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