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Studio director, Gery Deer, thrills at Carnegie Music Hall during Indy event

On Friday June 10, The Whip Artistry Studio director, Gery Deer, performed at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh as part of the “Indiana Jones After Dark at the Museum” for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The hour-long show included targeting, interactive segments and a surprise opening with Gery on the piano performing a comedic “Chopsticks” which rolled into the theme to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” on the hall’s Steinway grand.

“This was probably my most favorite show in years,” Gery says. “I’ve spent the last 20 or so years performing in just about every kind of venue from small town festivals to great theaters and the Carnegie has to be my favorite so far.”

The show was part of a four-hour evening event presented by the museum which included the whip show, talks by various museum experts and a live performance of the Indiana Jones music by the Pittsburgh Philharmonic.

Gery and assistant Barbara performed for an audience of 400 or so with many others passing in and out of the 3-tiered theatre during the presentation. The performance included detailed target work, comedy and themed routines based on the Indiana Jones films. Afterwards Gery and Barbara took photos with fans and answered questions before exploring the rest of the event.

“I rarely do an Indy-themed performance, but this one I wouldn’t have missed. And I want to thank the entire staff of the museum, particularly Mallory Vopal, the gallery experience manager, who helped with our booking and guided us through the event flawlessly!”

On Sunday, Gery received this from the museum, just one of many notes of appreciation he received after this performance.

“Hi Gery!
Again, a tremendous THANK YOU for driving out to Pittsburgh and giving an incredibly thrilling, fun, and educational show. I have gotten completely bombarded with compliments from guests and museum staff members who absolutely loved it. It couldn’t have been more wonderful!

I hope you had safe travels home, and if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, you are always welcome at our museum!”

Mallory Vopal
Gallery Experience Manager
Education and Visitor Experience Department
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Pittsburgh PA

Here are some photos from the performance … (Many photos courtesy Mallory Vopal)

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