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The ORIGINAL Whip Pro Shop – Original and one-of-a-kind Holstering equipment, belts, holders and more!


Designed by Gery L. Deer in 1989, this is the ultimate, professional whip holder. Made of the highest quality cowhide, this holder is available in black with nickel hardware, or brown with brass hardware (leather and metal shades vary slightly from photo based on supplies).

This is the whip holster featured in the 2003 Universal Studios film, The Rundown with Dwayne Johnson. It’s also been used in countless other television and film projects as well as stage shows and by whip artists worldwide. Below are some screenshots from the film with the holsters in view. Twenty-four of the black, turnbuckle styles were provided for the movie with whips made by Terry Jacka and Paul Nolan (MidwestWhips).





High-quality belt leather is blended with strong, loop and eye fastener material to create the one and only Whip Coil Keeper. This durable strap keeps your whip in its coil and, positioned between the handle and any of our whip holders/holsters, will also keep it on your belt!

12421992_10153731165004342_361460835_oDesigned by Gery L. Deer and Rich Hoffman (Author of the book with the character of the same name) The 12476712_10153731164564342_276776858_oCliffhanger holster is made from high-quality belt leather is blended with strong, loop and eye fastener material, similar to the coil keeper device, but then we add a carrier loop that fits up to a 3-inch wide belt! One of a kind and exclusive to The Whip Artistry Studio.

Hand made and professionally stitched, this is a high-quality item, not a typical “costume” prop. It’s designed for years of use! Perfect for small diameter or nylon whips!


WHIPKEEPERINUSEUsing a combination of our signature turnbuckle whip holder and our trademark loop and eye Whip Coil Keeper, this is the quintessential whip artist’s accessory.

In addition to keeping your whip on your belt, the Coil Keeper is great for helping maintain your whip’s original shape.

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Modeled after Gery L. Deer’s working whip utility belt, this belt is custom-sized to the buyer and comes in black with nickel hardware, or brown with brass hardware. It is hand-made of the highest quality belt leather with all components matching shade and texture.

The belt includes a leather tool and holder, accessory pouch, removable The Whip Artistry Studio whip holster system, metal belt keeper, leather belt keeper, and removable buckle. This belt is made 3-inches longer than your waist size.


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