Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment

Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment

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Professional Non-Combative Whip Artistry Training


57546507_10156875634404342_7474503487552749568_nAnyone can ‘crack’ a whip, but if someone wants to learn the skill of whip handling, the finesse of precision whip artistry, and the fun of sports whip cracking and wants to become proficient at it, even as a hobbyist, we recommend at least a 6-week lesson plan.

Learning the whip is like taking up a musical instrument. It requires fundamentals, practice, review, and advancement. Your advancement is mostly up to you. Work hard, practice and follow the fundamentals and you’ll advance much faster and become more proficient.

We also use specialized, one-of-a-kind equipment to teach whip handling and precision. No beginner should ever ask someone to hold a target. The dangers go without saying. We use a set of holders, adjustable mechanical stand-ins and more to teach precision whip artistry. Below is a photo of just some of our training equipment, many of which are made from common items you can duplicate for your own use.

Gery Deer demonstrating his bullwhip knife catch …

Whip lessons are by appointment to best serve the schedules of the students and instructors. For the lesson schedule or to make an appointment call 937-902-4857 or email










(Video Lesson: How to snuff a candle with a whip.)


Learn more about our studio and history by watching this great video provided by public television in 2010 …



The Whip Artistry Studio is the ONLY permanent facility in the United States dedicated to the study of whip artistry. It is the founding base of the Society of American Whip Artistry and the only SAWA certified training facility in the world. All instructors, methods,  and associates are SAWA certified.

There are lots of other ‘workshops’ around the country, but our studio offers professional instructors with more than two decades of experience both in whip artistry and instruction. Senior instructor Gery L. Deer has experience in many different disciplines that give him insight into the whip that most people do not have. His background in physical training, engineering, physics, and various sports brings a unique view to the art of the whip.


The skills you learn in whip artistry are unique. Even the basic physical motions and muscle usage are independent of other activities or exercises. You can learn to just crack the whip for the fun, you can learn competition-level precision, or other skills such as how to develop a show of your own or the art of working with an assistant. What we don’t teach … sadomasochistic, martial arts or combative whip handling.

Key Benefits to working with a certified whip artistry instructor:

  • You will learn more quickly and be more proficient.
  • You will receive feedback on your progress.
  • An instructor can help you to meet individual goals.


Individual Whip Lessons

One-on-one lessons are the single best way to learn the whip and achieve your goals early. As with any activity, there is no substitute to having the full attention of an experienced instructor. Immediate feedback is important and that’s something that is difficult to get in a group session or at a freebie practice session.

Our instructors will develop a training program based on the interest of the student. For example, a hobbyist who is interested in learning the basics would have a very different course of study to that of a professional entertainer looking to add whip artistry to his or her act.


Group Whip Lessons

Group whip lessons are available at The Whip Artistry Studio for 2 to 4 people and can be scheduled at any time during our regular business hours. A group session is generally best suited for beginners interested in learning the basics.

We can tailor to the particular interest of the group, such as performing artists, hobbyists, and so on. Please let us know the general interests of the group when you contact us about your group session.

A group bullwhip lesson is also an ideal team building activity for businesses and service organizations.



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