Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment

Professional Whip Artistry Training & Entertainment


We don’t offer too many “how-to” videos, mostly because the internet is full of experts. We prefer to work directly with our students. What video help we do offer is pretty specific based on requests from students or our social media followers. That said, here are some clips you might enjoy from entertainment to the rare “how-tos.”

Want to see something COOL? Here’s Gery Deer catching a knife from midair thrown by Kirk Bass. Filmed at the Annie Oakley Festival in 2019.

Our Ohio – WPTD/16 – PBS –  May 2010

Whip Candle Snuff – In Studio – Variable Size & Position

The Bonnie Hunt Show – 2008

Demonstrations / How-To’s.

Student Erin O’Donnell-Daugherty took her first lesson at The Whip Artistry Studio on June 21, 2014 under director Gery L. Deer. Here, Erin shows her first achievement, the “circus” or “cattleman’s” crack -the basic vertical, forward cutting crack. Erin had never worked with a whip before and this video was taken after about an hour.

The whip she’s using is a 6-foot, double-bellied, 12-plait Australian bullwhip made of brown kangaroo but hand-died black in 1998, with an 8-inch handle and no wrist loop. It was made by David Morgan for “The Mask of Zorro” and used by Alex Green and Antonio Bandares in the mine scenes.   The whip was also used by Halle Berry during her training for Catwoman).

How to do the super-difficult “Zorro Candle Board” featured at the 2019 Wild West Arts Fest in Las Vegas.

How to snuff a candle, with Gery L. Deer and student, Hollie Bradley.

In addition to training, The Whip Artistry Studio and director Gery L. Deer are featured regularly on television, in film and also provide entertainment for stage and screen. See our YouTube Channel for many more video clips from shows and presentations.

Double JJ Ranch

Screen Used Whip Content at the Bullwhip Museum Website.

WKRC – Channel 12 News – 2006

Full Performance – Gery L. Deer, Indiana Jones themed – Horizons Community Church, Cincinnati, OH – 2012

Fox 45 in the Morning – WRGT TV, Dayton, Ohio – August, 2009

America’s Got Talent – Special Appearance, Season 1 -2005

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